Jaz Greer Talks!

A really enjoyable interview conducted by Gareth Daine ( no he is not asleep in the picture – honest! ) asking Jaz about his journey in Business, online, Social Media and getting the low down on Social Selling. Lots of insights, perspectives and nuggets of experience to help you move your Business and online presence forward!

Jaz was invited to share at a Sales Masterclass in Derby 28 February 2017. He spoke about the need for a Sales Funnel in your Business, how Marketing and especially Social Media fills that Sales Funnel and how relationship is needed through Social Selling to complete the process and activate referrals and the continual replenishment of the Sales Funnel ….. Enjoy!

Very pleased to be interviewed in January 2017 by Tim Hughes the World Renowned and UK leading Social Selling Guru! Tim and I discussed how businesses need to move beyond Social Media into the realm of Social Selling. I gave my perspective and experience of working with micro and SME Businesses and what Social Selling looks like to these Businesses. Down to earth chat and sharing of real life experiences as well as nuggets of wisdom for those wanting to Grow their Business and exploring Social Selling!

Tim Hughes talks to Jaz Greer about "Moving Beyond Social Media"