Social Selling for your Business!

What is Social Selling?

Social Selling is the new and advanced way of using Social Media, Online activities blended with offline activities such as networking to develop a new and sustainable pipeline of prospects, leads and clients for your Business.

It is the “warm” way to do Business and the Social Selling principles are:

  1. Identifying your ideal markets and clients online to be focused not general
  2. Connect with these Ideal Clients across various platforms to increase your touchpoints
  3. Build a relationship through content posting, interaction and engagement
  4. Add value to your network of connections – not selling directly at them
  5. Through relationship develop the right to share about your services 
  6. In time, your connections will naturally have you front of mind when it comes their time to buy

With the above approach there is no need for “cold calling” in Social Media – every connection has a degree of familiarity and warmth to be build a relationship with!

What can Social Selling do for my Business?

The Process moves you beyond just simply broadcasting and posting on Social Media – It engages with your core Business, employs your current data and online as well as offline activities and builds on this to develop a Social and Sustainable pipeline of New Business for your Business

Ten benefits of Social Selling for your Business:

  1. It helps you work with your Target Markets and Ideal Clients and leave behind the Markets of “Everyone” and “Anyone!”
  2. 82% of your prospects can be reached via Social Media, Social Online activities and the Social Selling Process!
  3. It provides your Business with pre-qualified Leads which are easier and more cost effective to convert into paying clients
  4. Your Sales Cycle is sped up by putting you in front of potential clients before they know they need you and prompting Sales ahead of the buying curve! 
  5. Salespeople embracing and using Social Selling outperform conventional Salespeople by 23% increase Sales!
  6. 77% of B2B Buyers will not talk to a Sales Rep until they undertake their own online research – Social Selling gets and keeps you Front Of Mind!
  7. B2B Buyers complete 57% of the Buying Decision before they speak to a Sales Rep – Social Selling gets you into the early stages of the Buying Cycle!
  8. Decision Makers consume 5 pieces of Content on average before speaking to a Sales Rep – Social Selling helps you build those relationships ahead of your competitors!
  9. When set up and used correctly it can reduce the acquisition cost for new clients in your Business!
  10. 84% of Decision Makers begin their Buying process with a Referral – Social Selling creates not just relationships but referrals for your Business!

How do I Embrace Social Selling in my Business?

Whether you are currently using Social Media or not in your Business, Jaz Greer can assist you to Plan, Design and Implement a Social Selling Strategy and Framework specifically for your Business!

Ranked in the Top 10 in The World as a Global Social Selling Influencer, Jaz Greer brings over 25 Years of Business Development, Sales and Marketing experience to your Business to help you get Results from Social Selling!  

Jaz is available to work with you One on One, as a Team or however your Business is structured to get you started with Social Selling!

Jaz Greer offers the following services to get you started with Social Selling:

Social Selling Audit for your Business

Develop a Social Selling and Social Media Strategy for your Business

One 2 One Coaching of staff within your Business to understand and implement Social Selling

Work with your Sales Team to develop their Social Selling Skills & Knowledge to get extra Sales and to keep ahead of your Competitors!


To Tap into the Immense Wealth of Knowledge, Experience, and the Social Media and Social Selling Skills of Jaz Greer – Please use the form below to get in touch Today!